Kargauers have the ability to befriend anyone. Their charming looks and outgoing personality make people naturally want to obey them.

Don’t look so shocked, I’m a programmer!

Let’s make this relatable first. So, you’re in a group assignment and you find that your usual buddies are all taken and you ended with a completely new cast of people that you never interacted with at all, how do you… deal with that?

Well, this is what happened to…

Do you have a team but don’t really know how to make it work? Well, here are some of my ramblings throughout the years!

Did you know that rockets used to travel at 5 km per hour?

Let’s take a service that we use everyday, Google for example. Try to think on how many services does google offer? Well, there’s Drive, Mail, Search Engine, Hangouts, Meets… you get it, a lot. Now try to imagine how many people needs to work on all of them.

In this…

You might want to forget some things from your past, but you have to remember that they’re what the future will be built upon.

Evolution, my dear Watson — https://stapp.space/content/images/2016/02/refactoring_poster-r723da0bee0b0423799654d8a59350032_i5v9b_8byvr_1024.jpg

So, I’ve talked about this in a previous article in the past, but once again, picture that you’re making an app. There’s this one feature that you don’t really know how to implement properly but you somehow made it work albeit being really messy and janky, spanning different files with…

Sometimes you can use a wrench as a hammer. It may not be what it’s intended to be use for, but it gets the job done.

A Dark Horse, get it? — https://www.thoroughbreddailynews.com/kitasan-black-repeats-as-japanese-horse-of-the-year/

Let’s start with a story. There was this one time where I had to deploy and run my applications on a few different server, and I had to install all of the dependencies and configure everything manually. And worse yet, every time something changes, I have to push those changes…

It’s scary how streamlined everything is nowadays. Someday, robots may even code our tests for us….

Give it a chance — http://cartoontester.blogspot.com/2011/08/cost-of-automation.html

What is CI/CD?

You may have heard about CI/CD from git or other similar services that offer them. Similar terms that are also thrown around includes pipelines or script. But what is it, really?

CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Both of which are different concept united under one single goal…

When you think about it, the movie characters that could move at the speed of sound isn’t just “fast”, they’re also Agile.

Speed isn’t always enough

What is Agile?

Agile is a term you’ve probably heard at least once if you dabble in software development that means what you think it means, probably. Agile is both a principle and characteristic. Simply put, to be agile is to be able to adapt to changes quickly and effectively.

In software development…

Or alternatively, why writing in cursive fell out of fashion in the first place

Good codebases are always welcome

I’m sure all of you have been pestered about reading what some people call the software engineering bible, Clean Code by Robert C. Martin. But this is the digital age, why would you ever read a book about some boring thing called clean code? Your code is clean enough anyway.

Git. As a computer science student, surely you have used, known, or even heard about it. But for those who are living under a rock, this will be a quick start guide for you.

A typical git user

Git(s)? Like a standalone complex or something?

Git is a distributed version control system. Version control is the practice of keeping track of changes of something, in our case, codes for our works. …

So, picture this, you got a request to make a website for students to learn something new everyday on a bite-sized chunks. You then put it up and waited… for several months until you realize it had barely any users.

But why? You ask around and get various response. They…

Nadhif A. Prayoga

I am a computer science student at University of Indonesia. Writing certain stuff only

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